The EYL Scaling Framework

The Blueprint for Business Growth

We scale business with great marketing and growth strategies and we do that in 12 different steps to get to the scaling process.

Analyzing & Structure

Initial Consulting
Analyze your Metrics
Customer Journey mapping & brand strategy
We start by immersing ourselves in your business. With rigorous evaluation and data analysis, we construct a concrete foundation for your growth journey, ensuring an understanding of your key metrics and mapping your customer journey.

Preparation of the Marketing Strategy and Activities

Next, we create a tailored marketing strategy for your brand. From eye-catching ad creative production to compelling copywriting, we ensure that every aspect of your strategy aligns with your business goals. Our technical setup includes tracking, sales process optimization, automation, and email marketing to provide a holistic marketing solution.
Ad Creative Production / Digital Branding
Copywriting (Ads, Funnels, Adcopys)
Landingpage Design / Entwicklung / Umsetzung
Technical & Sales Setup (Tracking, Automations, Sales Process, Sales Education)
Email Marketing Setup (Automations)
Omnichannel Media Buying

Optimizing of the Project

Once your marketing initiatives are live, we closely monitor their performance. Analyzing results allows us to make data-driven decisions, refining your campaigns for optimal ROI. This process includes conversion rate optimization (CRO) and organic content production for a multifaceted approach.
First Results & Analyze of them
Organic Content Production

Scaling Process

Our work doesn't stop once we've optimized your marketing activities. We facilitate seamless growth by scaling your business and enhancing your product management. By refining your product offerings and expanding your marketing strategy, we drive business growth beyond expectations.
Scaling Process: product management, product optimization, expanding the marketing strategy for a continuous growth

Time to scale your business?

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